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TitleInitial Release Year
25 to Life2006
AirFix Dogfighter2000
Armada 25251991
Artists Colony2009
Bird Watcher: The Interactive Birding Game1999
Boards and Blades 22001
Cap’n Crunch’s Crunchling Adventure1999
Country Justice2005
Extreme Boards & Blades1999
Frogger: He’s Back!1997
Heaven Quest1998
L.A. Street Racing2006
Metro 20332010
Mission: Schatztaucher2007
Mob Enforcer2005
Muscle Car 2: American Spirit2002
Outlaw Chopper2006
Queen of the Court1996
Queensryche’s Promised Land1996
Scott Adam’s Graphic Adventure #1: Adventureland1978
Shanghai StreetRacer2004
SWAT 31999
Tabloid Tycoon2005
The Lurking Horror1987
The Road to Baghdad2004