Country Justice

Initial Release Date: 2005

Developer: 3Romans LLC

Publisher: ValuSoft

Platform: Windows

Yahoo County, Mississippi, home of Steve Earl’s White Lightnin’!

Livin’ was easy for bootleggin’ Steve Earl, cousin Ellie May and their bestest goat Dixie—‘til now. Dixie’s gone a missin’, the county’s good ol’ boys is turnin’ into zombies and somebody gotta do somethin’ about it!

Gun control ‘round here means one gun per hand and you ain’t much for following rules! So get yer gun and fire up the pickup. Thar’s zombies to kill, goats to save, and figurin’ out to be done. Somethin’ ain’t right in Yahoo County and it ain’t gonna fix itself!

Come on boy—git to it!

System Requirements:
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Pentium III 800 MHz
256 MB RAM
800 MB Hard Drive Space
8x CD-ROM Drive

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