About Us

Founded on May 1, 2018, CD-ROM Fossil is a group dedicated to archiving computer games, software and companies. 

The video game industry is an oversaturated market, leading so many products being forgotten over time. There are many variables that affect the memory of a game. From poor sales to lack of marketing, countless titles have become obscure.

CD-ROM Fossil’s objective is to preserve these video games and their companies by cataloging information about them. Even basic documentation ensures a title isn’t lost to time. CD-ROM Fossil is an ambitious project aimed to be a tool users can utilize to explore computer video games.

Outside of the website CD-ROM Fossil staff visit flea markets, thrift stores and the far reaches of the internet to buy physical computer games and software. They then archive the media by storing them safely in their homes.

Currently, the website is managed by two staff members. You can learn more about them by visiting the Team page.

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