About Us

Video Games has evolved heavily in a short period of time. CD-ROM games are almost completely obsolete. With the age of digital retail, companies who went out of business never got to put their games on services like Steam.

CD-ROM Fossil is a group of collectors, aiming to preserve PC gaming history by collecting CD games [and now floppies]. We go to flea-markets, pawnshops and sometimes buy online. We have no interest in resale, but instead collecting video games and safely archiving them.

Because this is a hobby site, we often times talk about console/hand held games. We find someway to tie into PC….most of the time.

Fans, supporters and the people who got us started…..thank you. A dream is now a reality. Now, we are racing against the clock as video games are continually destroyed, forgotten and lost. Together, let’s save this part of history!

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClyDKuv0xnXzipGwgEqEpoQ?
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cd-Rom-Fossil-374909852992840/
Instagram: @ CDROMFossil