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Will CD-ROM Fossil ever host downloads for abandonware video games?

No. United States law does not recognize the term or concept of abandonware. On top of the grey legality, abandonware games are sometimes re-released under a new publisher. We do not have a legal team nor the time to make sure a title is truly abandoned by the copyright owners. To avoid any kind of cease and desist, CD-ROM Fossil will not make any video game or software available to download on this domain.

Will CD-ROM Fossil ever host downloads for demos, patches, mods or community fixes?

No. We just don’t have the time nor the staff to maintain and update downloadable files.

Why is the Wayback Machine used so frequently as a source?

We prefer to gather our information directly from companies. Since some of the companies we cover are now defunct, we have to use the Wayback Machine to access old web pages that are otherwise inaccessible. Sometimes it’s used to retrieve review scores of games. Gaming outlets don’t always preserve their content. Some outlets don’t exist anymore. Huge thank yous to Wayback Machine for their priceless value.

How does CD-ROM Fossil choose what video games to archive?

Honestly? It’s kind of random. We try to prioritize obscure or negatively reviewed titles.

Why are consoles mentioned in the archives/blogs?

Video games can be released on multiple platforms. We mention these ports so we and others know that those versions exist. Sometimes the computer version is different from the console version. Also, blogs are where we talk about whatever we feel like, so the rules are somewhat looser there.