Elijah Moon Blackwell – Founder

Most of what you see has been created by Elijah. From archive submissions to YouTube videos, Elijah bit off more than he could chew. That’s fine! It’s his main hobby. It means that there’s always something to do!

However, over time he did start eliminating some aspects of CD-ROM Fossil to narrow the scope and make things more digestible.

More importantly, he got help. Down below is a list of volunteers (with the exception of one) who have helped CD-ROM Fossil in various ways.

Katelyn Vause – Editor and Writer

Elijah asked Katelyn to help him with CD-ROM Fossil and she said “Why not?” Good thing too because Elijah’s grammar is atrocious.

Katelyn edits the articles and pages. She also writes articles highlighting her childhood library or chronicling a blind play through of a game she’s never tried.

Jeff Schleg – Terrible Video Games Connoisseur, Discord Channel and Twitter Creator

Jeff is really good at uncovering obscure, probably awful video games. A lot of these games ended up being collected and included in the physical inventory. Some were streamed and even got the video review treatment.

On top of this, he created the official CD-ROM Fossil Discord and acts as moderator even though we, knock on wood, have not had to use the ban hammer. He is also the Twitch stream chat moderator, but again, we have not needed to ban anyone except the common bot.

Lastly, Jeff created and manages the CD-ROM Fossil Twitter account.

Snbn – Video Editor

Sometimes a Twitch stream is so good Elijah hires Snbn to edit it for YouTube. Snbn doesn’t just splice clips. He also adds humorous audio cues, memes and some visual aids to whatever reference is being made. Possibly the best part is including inside jokes that maybe two people understand. Lastly, Snbn has made some pretty dope animated CD-ROM Fossil logos.

Zach Zimmerman – Contributing Writer

Zach occasionally provides some reviews and retrospectives for us to post.

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