Elijah Moon Blackwell: Founder

This guy has been collecting all sorts of video games. With over a thousand products on Steam, Elijah has seen and played a lot of games. Recently, he realized that Steam and GOG both suffer from a lack of classics. Even if these services house old games, if a publisher goes out of business, the game goes with it. Thus, he began collecting CD-ROM games. This medium was short lived and is quickly being forgotten. Using his knowledge from his Communications education, Elijah grabbed the mic and camera and began creating videos.

Favorite Game of All Time?
“Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Yeah, it isn’t a CD-ROM game, but it was the first game I can recall playing. Ever since, I always revisit it to better myself or just relive my childhood. I can beat the game without getting hit once…..seriously.”

Katelyn Vause: Editor

 Nintendo first, PC second. While PC gaming has been a small part of Katelyn’s childhood, Nintendo has always been more dominant. If you ask her about what she is currently playing, it’d probably be some game on the Nintendo Switch. However, her fiance and best friend suck her into PC gaming whenever they can. Once Elijah formed CD-ROM Fossil, he asked Katelyn to join the team. Armed with two English degrees, she checks the grammar and makes sure messages are getting across clearly. When she is not editing website content, she is the narrator for some of the videos.

Favorite Game of All Time?
“Donkey Kong Country Returns…No, this isn’t a CD game either. This game has a lot of nostalgia value for me. I grew up with the series, and my brother and I spent many an hour playing this game together.”

Stephen Bryant: ??????

Not really sure how he got on staff but he is here so…yay? He did submit research for an article…other than that…we got no info for you. Well, let’s at least read what his favorite game is….

Favorite Game of All Time?
“Gauntlet: Dark Legacy. I mean…you can become a chicken and shoot fireballs. On a more serious note, the game is challenging while remaining fun. It is a hidden gem of the GameCube library. This was also back in the day when couch co-op was common. So grab a friend and kill stuff….or don’t…I don’t care.”

Matt Samples: Writer/Graphics

Much like the editor, Matt’s first love is a console. PlayStation is the obsession and PC is the hobby. When Minecraft dropped in 2009, Matt fought to get a little dinky laptop to play that masterpiece. Once there, he and Elijah discovered the expansive world that is PC. Dabbling in mods, editing software, and photo enhancement, Matt does a little bit of everything. He joined CD-ROM Fossil to write and to better our digital design.

Favorite Game of All Time?
“The Jak series. If I had to choose just one it would be Jak 2. It’s a sequel done right. It took preexisting universe and mechanics, took it in a different direction and made it a whole new experience while still being Jak.”

Kris Ferguson: Hardware Repair/Restore

If you ever need a console repaired, Kris is your guy. Recently after meeting Elijah on Instagram he converted to the PC life. Now this doesn’t mean he abandoned consoles but his focus has somewhat shifted. After helping Elijah find, fix and rig various pieces of hardware he was invited to the team. Like everyone else Kris will do a little bit of everything. However, Elijah is super lazy and is now stoked to force someone else to work on broken equipment.

Favorite Game of All Time?
“Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. A Gameboy game! It’s a title that I can play over and over again without getting tired of it. The soundtrack is full of awesome songs that are exclusive to the game. The level design is also unique. Including a level where you play as tiny Mario traversing a giant wind up Mario.”


    • As far as computer games go…

      “Swat 3. Wish I still had it. I hope to get it soon. It’s the best shooter in terms of law enforcement.” -Elijah

      “Pink Panther: Passport to Peril. It’s just the one I played the most as a kid.” -Katelyn

      “Rise of Nations. An intense and expansive strategy game. Works on Mac so that’s a plus.” -Stephen


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