Physical Inventory

Thank you to all the Patrons who made this page possible!

Below is the massive inventory of the physical computer software we own. It is in alphabetical order by title. Hosting it on Google Sheets makes it quicker to load and update.

We have a much bigger spreadsheet we use for organization purposes. We cut out some columns to avoid confusion.

We are not including games that can’t be played offline. If a game has a DRM that requires internet connection then it doesn’t make the list. This includes stuff like the first Bioshock. Do cracks exist? Sure, but this inventory is for games that work out-of-box so to speak.

The only expection to the above rule is physical MMOs. After an MMO shutsdown these boxes are the left over traces. Typically these boxes also include tons of documents or art.

For now we log software like AOL Online and Anti-Viruses. The decision to keep these are an ongoing conversation.

There are some repeats. Some are different versions or from different regions. Others are mistakes that we are still working to fix.

All information was gathered from the game boxes or jewel cases. A game may have originally came out earlier, but the copy we own was released later. For example: Our copy of Jane’s WWII Fighters came out in 2000. This is because it is the “EA Classics” release. Some copies don’t even have a special edition. They just got re-released or something similar.

If any readers catch a mistake please let us know at Also note that some operating system info isn’t specific. This is due to some boxes having little to no information. If you see question marks in the release year or operating system then that means we truly don’t know. Even Google couldn’t help.

Thanks again to everyone who has assisted us along the way! Enjoy!

This list is continually updated.

Total Titles: 3017