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Campus: Student Life Simulation

Initial Release Date: 2007 Developer: NumLock Publisher: Kalypso Platform: Windows Overview:University is awaiting you! Start out your student career in the time-honored England, meet new friends and visit foreign countries as an exchange student in order to achieve your task to pass the famous master degree with “suma cum laude”. Gameplay:Campus can easily be compared to The Sims. The player

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Outlaw Chopper

Initial Release Date: 2006 Developer: Jarhead Games Publisher: Vivendi Games Platform: Windows Overview:Get your motor runnin’ ‘cause the heat is on your tail in this throttled-up road trip through the meanest streets. The fast-paced cinematic story pits you and your customized chopper-and a large arsenal of heavy duty firepower-against the nasty criminal element surrounding you. System Requirements:Windows 2000/XPPentium 4 or

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Queen of the Court

Initial Release Date: 1996 Developer: Atlantean Interactive Games Publisher: Atlantean Interactive Games Platforms: DOS, Windows, Macintosh Overview:The back of the jewel case states “Challenge three of our top ball handlers in a game of win, lose or strip rotation! Take your best shot and see who ends up in the shower! One-On-One was never so fun!” Atlantean was an adult

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Initial Release Date: November 30, 1999 Developer: Sierra Northwest Publisher: Sierra Studios Platform: Windows Overview: Systematically search each environment, or take command to breach and clear each location until you find your suspect. It is up to you as the Element Leader of a five-man entry team, With stealth and dynamic tactics just a keystroke away, you can ensure your team’s

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