Campus: Student Life Simulation

Initial Release Date: 2007

Developer: NumLock

Publisher: Kalypso

Platform: Windows

University is awaiting you!

Start out your student career in the time-honored England, meet new friends and visit foreign countries as an exchange student in order to achieve your task to pass the famous master degree with “suma cum laude”.

Campus can easily be compared to The Sims. The player character has basic needs such as hunger, thirst, sleep and more. However the game has more of an objective based style approach. From finding your lost luggage upon arrival to the school to helping cheer someone up, there is a wide array of objectives to complete. Of course there’s also the learning aspect. The player can sign the character up for a variety of classes to will eventually end with a degree.

System Requirements:
Windows 2000, XP or Vista
Pentium IV 1.5Ghz
3GB Hard Drive Space

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