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Campus: Student Life Simulation

Initial Release Date: 2007 Developer: NumLock Publisher: Kalypso Platform: Windows Overview:University is awaiting you! Start out your student career in the time-honored England, meet new friends and visit foreign countries as an exchange student in order to achieve your task to pass the famous master degree with “suma cum laude”. Gameplay:Campus can easily be compared to The Sims. The player

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Initial Release Date: 1995 Developer: Black Magic Software Publisher: Guildhall Leisure Services Platform: Amiga 1200, Amiga 4000, Amiga CD32 Overview:Forget the hype. Sure, Gloom features the hottest “you are there” 3D graphics around, the most disturbingly realistic sound effects, the biggest army of bizarre and bloodthirsty creatures yet assembled in one game.  But none of that really matters when a

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Outlaw Chopper

Initial Release Date: 2006 Developer: Jarhead Games Publisher: Vivendi Games Platform: Windows Overview:Get your motor runnin’ ‘cause the heat is on your tail in this throttled-up road trip through the meanest streets. The fast-paced cinematic story pits you and your customized chopper-and a large arsenal of heavy duty firepower-against the nasty criminal element surrounding you. System Requirements:Windows 2000/XPPentium 4 or

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Queen of the Court

Initial Release Date: 1996 Developer: Atlantean Interactive Games Publisher: Atlantean Interactive Games Platforms: DOS, Windows, Macintosh Overview:The back of the jewel case states “Challenge three of our top ball handlers in a game of win, lose or strip rotation! Take your best shot and see who ends up in the shower! One-On-One was never so fun!” Atlantean was an adult

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Bird Watcher: The Interactive Birding Game

Initial Release Date: 1999 Developer: Pondview Productions Publisher: WizardWorks Platform: Windows Overview:If you love birds and bird watching, this is the birding experience for you! Birders of all skill levels and areas of interest will find Bird Watcher informative and entertaining. This is your chance to test your knowledge of over 140 different North American birds through interactive expeditions and

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