Initial Release Date: 1993

Developer: Artech

Publisher: Three-Sixty Pacific

Platform: DOS

From the makers of Harpoon comes the definitive land warfare simulation.

Patriot is a state-of-the-art land based simulation that will stretch the most grizzled wargamer — combined with a point and click interface so simple even a novice can play. An innovative polygon mapping system that provides the highest possible accuracy in terrain modeling and combat results.

Patriot is faithfully based on today’s high end equipment and replicates the effects of troop training, competence, motivation and morale. It’s unique database and interface provide precise information on everything from military hardware to combat results for over 2,000 units.

Patriot embodies the experience of Frank Chadwick, military analyst, award winning game designer and author of the Desert Shield Fact Book. Chadwick has devoted more than 15 years designing more than 40 modern wargames. His incomparable expertise is distilled in the database and game system of Patriot.

System Requirements:
IBM 386/386sx and compatibles
512K VGA card
DOS 5.0
OS/2 2.0
Mouse required

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