AirFix Dogfighter

Initial Release Date: 2000

Developer: Unique Development Studios, Paradox Entertainment

Publisher: EON Digital Entertainment

Platform: Windows

Bomb the garden, waste the kitchen, slam the door on your enemy, turn out the lights — do anything within your power to destroy and survive.

Take the side of the Axis or Allies and bring your model plane to life in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and more. With 17 authentic World War II planes to choose from and online warfare with up to eight players, Airfix Dogfighter delivers the kind of fun mere plastic and glue could only dream of!

System Requirements:
Windows 95
266 Mhz Pentium II
3D Accelerator card with 4MB VRAM
Direct X compatible sound card

The game revolves around military models coming to life to wage war in a 1950s-style home. The player controls either the Axis or Allies. The faction determines with planes the player gets to use and where in the house they can go. The Allies start upstairs while the Axis starts downstairs. There is also a backyard.

The flight mechanics aren’t based in realism, or else they don’t feel that way. Anyone can pick up Dogfighter and do some air raids. 

Missions include shooting tanks and other ground forces while also maintaining air superiority. A multiplayer mode is included that supports up to eight players.

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