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Games from My Childhood Library: A Retrospective Look at Christian CD-ROM Games

Screenshot: Construction Zone Main MenuWritten by: Katelyn Vause “Games from My Childhood Library” is a series where editor Katelyn Vause discusses games she played growing up. Titles include the not-so-scary I Spy Spooky Mansion, the beloved point-and-click Pink Panther’s Passport to Peril and the warm-and-fuzzy-feeling inducing Arthur’s Birthday. Click on her author link to read more! It’s getting warmer outside,

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Alone in the Dark: Horror Like Nothing You’ve Ever Played

Screenshot: Edward Carnby looking down the hall wondering what other horrors await himWritten by: Elijah Moon Blackwell The further back you go, the more intense gaming becomes. There was a time when tutorials didn’t exist. Objective markers were extremely rare. Controls were not standardized. Losing a manual meant losing crucial information needed to play the game. Knowing what an item’s

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What 2020 Means for Retro Computing

Image: Luftrausers. A flash game that became a retail productWritten by: Elijah Moon Blackwell Change is coming. It happens every year and there is no stopping it. While tech is becoming more impressive, older hardware and software is slowly being forgotten. It’s kind of grey area for me. On one hand I understand that technological upgrades are necessary. Medicine, education

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