Shanghai StreetRacer

Initial Release Date: 2004

Developer: Team6 Game Studios

Publisher: Self Published [additional verification needed]

Distributor: Certain copies were sold with t-shirts. These bundles were distributed by Fast Track Sportswear.

Platform: Windows

10 high speed tracks, 5 cars, 1 city: are you the best? Street racing like you’ve never experienced before. Shanghai Street Racer is the high energy arcade style street racer for your PC!

System Requirements:
Windows 98/ME/XP
750MHz Processor
256 MB RAM
Sound Card
SVGA Graphics Card
DirectX 9.0c
300 MB free of hard drive space

The game seems to be completely devoid of plot. AI opponents are unnamed and tracks don’t have specific locations. Try to come in first place. 

The driving in Shanghai StreetRacer is oversimplified. No matter what surface you drive on, whether it’s grass or asphalt, the car moves at the same speed. There isn’t a handling penalty for driving off-road. 

No damage model is present. Smack into a wall at high speeds and the vehicle will be perfectly fine.

The game did ship with a multiplayer function. However, it is only LAN based. No online multiplayer was supported.

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