Initial Release Date: 1994

Developer: Grandslam Interactive

Publisher: Merit Software

Platform: DOS, AmigaOS

Overview: Around a distant Sun lies the planet of your ancestors – Earth. Forced to flee from anarchy and chaos you are finally ready to return for the Reunion. As President all decisions are yours to make. You must not fail.

User friendly icon base controls. Custom configure your fleet and colonies. Encounter over 10 alien races in 8 different solar systems. Superior space and ground battle sequences. 60+ hours of gameplay.

System Requirements:
CPU: 386 PC & 100% Compatible
DOS: 5.0 or greaterRAM: 640k Base Memory, 512K Expanded Memory
Hard Disk Space: 23 Megabytes
Graphics Cards/Monitor: VGA
Sound Support: Soundblaster V2.0/Pro, Gravis Ultrasound Supported
Other: CD-ROM drive (double speed recommended), MSCDEX version 2.22, Microsoft compatible mouse.

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