Cap’n Crunch’s Crunchling Adventure

Initial Release Date: 1999

Developer: Cobalt Interactive

Publisher: Quaker Oats

Platform: Microsoft Windows and Macintosh

The back of the disc sleeve has no information regarding the game itself. Put simply, Crunchling Adventure is a virtual pet game. Feed and train a crunchling in order to defeat evil space pirates from stealing Crunchium, the ingredient that makes Cap’n Crunch cereal so good. 

Crunchling Adventure was a promotional game. The CD-ROM was included in double packs of Cap’n Crunch cereal boxes. A copy could also be bought by mailing in a form when buying a single box.

System Requirements:
For Windows:
Pentium 90 or greater
Windows 95 or 98
30 MB free hard drive space
640×480, 256 colors

For Macintosh:
System 7.5 or higher
640×480, 256 colors

Version Differences: 
Windows users get the full game. Macintosh users only have the ability to raise the Crunchling, missing out on the story and minigames. If the disc is put into a CD player it will play a 20 minute narration by Cap’n Crunch, detailing the entirety of the story.

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