Frogger: He’s Back

Initial Release Date: November 30th, 1997 (PC)

Developer: SCEE Cambridge (Now known as Guerilla Cambridge)

Publisher: Hasbro Interactive

Platforms: PC, PS1

Same addictive gameplay as the original arcade game! Up to 4 players with multi-player split screen. Dozens of Challenging new levels. 9 unique worlds. 3-D graphics and cool music. Compete over LAN, modem-to-modem, or internet.

System Requirements: 
OS: Windows 95/98
CPU: Pentium 100MHZ CPU
Memory: 16MB RAM, 25MB free Hard drive space
Graphics: 3DFX Card Recommended Card [that’s how it was worded on the box)
1MB SGVA card
Internet: 28.8 baud Modem (for internet play)
Sound: DirectX compatible sound card
Mouse (can be played without one)

Gameplay is primarily about timing movements through levels to avoid hazards and collect things like bugs and other frogs [I believe a level is “completed” once you collect all other frogs in the level, but you can always replay to improve your score]

Critic Reviews: 
Gamespot: 5.0/10

GameRankings: 60.38% out of 100%

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