Initial Release Date: 1995

Developer: Black Magic Software

Publisher: Guildhall Leisure Services

Platform: Amiga 1200, Amiga 4000, Amiga CD32

Forget the hype.

Sure, Gloom features the hottest “you are there” 3D graphics around, the most disturbingly realistic sound effects, the biggest army of bizarre and bloodthirsty creatures yet assembled in one game. 

But none of that really matters when a game is this much sheer fun to play!

Gloom is considered a Doom clone. It’s a first person shooter that pits the player against endless monsters. When killing enemies, their bodies explode into a mess of gibs. If the player selects the graphics option “Meaty” then the gibs stay on the floor. This means the floor could be covered in the bits of dead enemies.

Unfortunately, there are no additional weapons. The starting gun can be upgraded by collecting bouncing orbs, but besides color there are no cosmetic differences.

There are 20 total levels. There is also a co-op mode supported on the Amiga 1200 and 4000. This could be achieved through split screen or through modem connections. There is also a deathmatch mode that allows for player vs player combat.

Critic reviews:
All reviews were gathered from the Amiga Magazine RACK.
CU Amiga: 90%
Amiga Power: 90%
TheOne: 90%
Amiga Computing: 81%
Amiga Format: 91%
Datormagazin: 2/5

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