Queen of the Court

Initial Release Date: 1996

Developer: Atlantean Interactive Games

Publisher: Atlantean Interactive Games

Platforms: DOS, Windows, Macintosh

The back of the jewel case states “Challenge three of our top ball handlers in a game of win, lose or strip rotation! Take your best shot and see who ends up in the shower! One-On-One was never so fun!”

Atlantean was an adult entertainment company that released several PC games. Interestingly enough, this game is their most obscure title. Not much information can be found about it, even through the Wayback Machine.

Warning! Queen of the Court (as well as other Atlantean products) contains full motion video nudity! Further research is definitely not safe for work!

System Requirements:
For PCs:
IBM 80366 or compatible or better
DOS 5.0/Windows 3.1

Double Speed CD-ROM Drive
Sound Card
Plus Graphics Support for 8 bit or 16 bit Color.

For Macintosh:
LC or greater68030 CPU or greater
13-inch Color Monitor
Double Speed CD-ROM Drive
System 7.0 or greater
8 Bit or 16 Bit color

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