Hurricane Florence Update

Image: Vault Boy from the Fallout series
Written by: Elijah Moon Blackwell

Thumbs up is the best way to describe how we are doing without giving a long winded response. So yes, we are all fine!

The longer version:

A few non-south east USA fans were concerned about the staff due to hurricane Florence dominating the news cycles. The damage done to North and South Carolina is astounding. Many homes were destroyed and neighborhoods continue to, as of writing this, go without power. However, this damage is mostly on or near the coast.

Luckily, me and the 3 other staffers were much farther inland than the severe part of the hurricane. Some of us have family towards the coast who suffered some damage to their homes. Some family live in areas where the power still has not been restored. Me personally, I have few friends who live on the coast who had to evacuate.

Now that the storm has passed us, CD-ROM Fossil is back to operating normally. No longer do I have to work long shifts at my job [I’ll let your curiosity run wild as to what I do for a living], no longer waiting to see if we need to evacuate and now back to no excuse procrastinating.

North Carolina as a whole is still experiencing a flood crisis out east. If you live out there, good luck and we hope everything clears up soon. Hopefully, Duke Energy will hurry themselves up and restore your power!

From everyone at CD-ROM Fossil,

Always be safe, do not be ashamed to evacuate in the future and always be prepared for severe weather!

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