“Founded in 1985, by CEO John Garcia, NovaLogic Inc. is a developer and global publisher of computer games…

The name NovaLogic, meaning “New Logic,” represents a vision of designing and developing games from a new perspective. It is this new perspective that continually drives the company to produce innovative, leading-edge technology in order to achieve realistic environments, stunning graphics and addictive gameplay…NovaLogic spent its early years producing home versions of many popular arcade games and has produced original designs for more than a decade. These releases have established the company’s reputation as a leading game developer.

Success in the consumer military simulation market brought NovaLogic to the attention of the US Army. In 1999, NovaLogic Systems Inc. (NLS) was established to capitalize on the technologies NovaLogic had developed for the gaming market by bringing them to the military and civilian training communities…”

-Retrieved from on 1/11/2021.

On October 31, 2016 all of NovaLogic’s franchises were acquired by THQ Nordic. 

-Retrieved from on 1/11/2021

Some of NovaLogic’s games are available on Steam.

Last Updated on 1/11/2021

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