“Founded in early 1996, IncaGold employs a variety of artists and professionals within our development and sales offices around the world. Our business strategy is focused on PC/CD-ROM, Internet, and wireless technologies such as Palm/WinCE and Mobile formats. The company is always working to provide the gaming audience something new and interesting, and continually looks “outside the box” to find that new market niche.

Building on our experience, knowledge and strong industry relationships, IncaGold will develop, license and publish the highest quality casual gaming product for a reasonable “on the shelf” price. This strategy will allow for brand identification and, in turn, create more sales for future IncaGold products.”

-Retrieved from the Wayback Machine on 12/11/2020. Capture is from 2/21/2002.

Sometime in 2010 the domain became inactive. IncaGold is now dormant.

Last updated 12/20/2020

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