A Note from the Staff

Here at CD-ROM Fossil, our goal is to preserve computer gaming history. But our mission is not just about the hardware—it is also about the people, both those who play and those who create the games we love and analyze. We recognize that we are not the most diverse staff, but we try to add diversity to our coverage when we can, and endeavor to do so in an appropriate, thoughtful way. Though we are focused on the past, we know that the present is influenced by that past. When we ourselves are the dinosaurs of the gaming world, we know that what we say and do now will not only have helped to shape the future, but will also be a reflection on us and our mission. This should go without saying, but we are an inclusive community, and will not tolerate acts or speech that is contrary to that inclusion, whether that be messages of white supremacy, homophobia, misogyny or other forms of hate. We welcome you to our site and to our community, and trust that you will join us in not only in our mission to preserve gaming history, but to do so as a unified people.

            —The CD-ROM Fossil Team

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