Thank You Video Games!

Written By: Staff

Time to get fat off a bunch of greasy Thanksgiving food!

But we have to give thanks, right? Of course, we always hear people giving thanks to family, friends, and health (which is a good thing), but we at CD-ROM Fossil would like to add video games to that list.

We have heard “It’s just a game” from all sorts of people growing up but, as you may know, it is not that simple.

Video games provided an escape from the real world, letting us experience all sorts of characters and scenarios. They introduced us to people from all across the globe, expanding our friend group beyond local borders. The list of positive impacts video games had on our lives is extremely long and continues to grow.

This year, we decided to share a brief video game instance that deserves a thank you at the Thanksgiving table.

Matt: I’m thankful for games that let me quicksave wherever and whenever I like. quicksaving.PNGI’m not the busiest person in the world, but I’m busy enough that I don’t always want to play a game that punishes you by losing three hours of progress because you didn’t see that one explosive barrel you’re standing next to. Don’t get me wrong, I love some games that don’t allow quicksaving; there are times where having that tension adds to the experience in a way that’s hard to replicate otherwise. But dude, I have a job and a girlfriend, so it’s pretty nice if I can save myself some time and keep playing my game like nothing happened so I can finish it sometime this year.

Stephen: I’m thankful for the GameCube and its legendary library. Why get a Switch…when you can get a GameCube. But hey, do whatever you want.

Elijah: A side hobby of mine is reading about military history. Most of the time I stick with the World Wars but sometimes I’ll deviate. It is a quiet obsession you probably wouldn’t know about unless you are a close friend of mine. I would not have hundreds of dry history books and a dozens of military themed video games if it wasn’t for Medal of Honor: Frontline. MOH.pngThis game left my jaw hanging wide open as a kid. I wanted to know more about World War II instantly. My parents thought it was a phase at the time, but this obsession has lasted my whole life so far. Thank you Electronic Arts (I can’t believe I just said that) for allowing Frontline to hit the GameCube and eventually my bedroom.

Katelyn: I’m thankful for Fallout 3. Though I played games a lot when I was a kid, during Fallout_3_cover_artthe time between high school wrapping up and the majority of my freshman year of college, I basically quit playing. Fallout 3 was the game my boyfriend and I played through together when we started dating, and it brought me back into the world of gaming. It was the first maturely scary game I ever enjoyed, and it was the first one where I really nailed down shooting mechanics. It’s also just a fantastic example of world building.

What are you thankful for in the video game world? Let us know below! Alternatively you can email us at!

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