Red Dead Survival

Image: cover of Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare
Written By: Matthew Samples

Walking the streets of Blackwater, the groans of the dead fill the crumbling alleys. Keeping my cattleman revolver at the ready, I try to search for anything I may use on my journey south to find a cure for this plague. Suddenly, an undead rancher lunges at me. I instinctively raise my revolver to his rotting and decayed head, pulling the trigger. The dying town suddenly booms to back to life, the streets filling with walking corpses drawn by a single shot. I decide to make a run for it and get out of town before I’m overwhelmed, shooting as I go. Once I’m out of Blackwater I check my map and decide to head towards the trading post in Tall Trees. I only have 5 bullets left.

These are the kind of intense experiences that can be had in the Red Dead Redemption expansion: Undead Nightmare.

The game by itself is incredibly fun, riding through the zombie apocalypse on your horse with a revolver on your hip and repeater at your back. But that’s kind of the problem for me; when you’re on horseback there’s little to no threat to you, just ride through and knock the zombies over and you can just move on to the next town.

That’s why this year when I decided to play, I wanted to play with some rules. I cannot use a horse and I’ve also turned off the mini map for a little extra immersion and I gotta say, it’s been quite a ride walking from one struggling settlement to the next hoping I have enough ammunition to last me the day.

Every time you walk out of a settlement you feel the weight of leaving the safety that place provides you, you leave knowing that you may not come back or knowing that when you do return the remaining survivors may be long gone and the town lost to the horde. I know this is a short one, but if any of you out there have a copy of Undead Nightmare and you’re looking for a new twist on the experience for Halloween, then I implore you give this a try; it makes the game more challenging, intense, and rewarding.

Red Dead Redemption is one of the best games not found on PC. Just because we focus mostly on PC doesn’t mean we can’t talk about some of the few exclusives that still makes consoles catch our eye.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the horror that Read Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare does in it’s own unique way.

Have a great Halloween everyone!


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