We Are Open!

Written by: Staff

Hello there! This is most definitely the earliest someone can be to a party. As you can see, the website is still relatively new and underdeveloped. However, it is coming along quite nicely. You can help us out by sending feedback through the “Say Wassup” section or just comment on this post.

All our social media pages (Facebook and Instagram) are also up and running. Make sure you go follow them! Throughout this week we will be slowly start uploading content so please be patient while we try to work out a schedule. We decided to launch this project while we are all about to graduate, which is the most hectic time to do something like this, so progress may be a little slow for a few weeks.

As of writing this, the digital archive isn’t up. We also don’t have our first video out. You can see that much work is needed to get us rolling steadily. Stay tuned because content is coming this week!

Phew, we are all tired but we won’t stop till we get the preliminary content out! Thank you for joining us for the early beginnings of CD-ROM Fossil!

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