How You Can Help

First off, thank you so much! Just visiting this website alone is enough for us to celebrate! However, if you want to help out more there is a variety of options you can pursue.

Donate a game!
Have some computer games just laying around? Don’t want them anymore? Give them a new home by sending them to us! Go to the “Say Wassup” and let us know if you have some to donate!

Fund us!
CD-ROM Fossil is a hobby. Every staff member has a day job. Our budget is whatever we have left of a paycheck after paying for the things we need. This website and parts of our collection are funded by donors. If you would like to support CD-ROM Fossil monetarily visit our Patreon: this will allow you to send us a monthly payment for as low as a dollar! It’s up to you how much you give. It requires creating a Patreon account.

Follow us on social media!
If you don’t have any money but still want to help us out, follow our other pages! Share our content on your timeline and tell all your friends about us!

Our other pages:
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